Sell My Hideous House in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio Fast! Big, Hideous, Small, or Pretty, We Buy Them All!

You’re probably here because you need to sell your hideous house in Cincinnati and are looking for a professional company to work with. You might have seen ads from big companies that offer to buy your house for cash. But we are a small, family owned company who have lived in Dayton and Cincinnati for years! Between the two owners, Sarah and Jordan, we have lived in Dayton and Cincinnati for a collective time of over 45 years. So when you tell us you live in Blue Ash, Clifton, Mason, Mariemont, Middletown, Oakwood, or Troy we already know where that is! We don’t have to spend the time of doing research on your area or connecting you to a branch who knows your area. We are natives to Ohio, and despite the cold winters, we love it here! We want to help our neighbors and make Cincinnati and Dayton a great place to live, one hideous house at a time.

Tuff times are always around the corner.  If you need to sell your house fast let us know!

Are you going through a Foreclosure?  Maybe you’re going through a tough divorce and are court ordered to sell your house. Maybe you have little kids and have outgrown you current home or have grown kids that no longer live with you and you want to retire somewhere warmer than Ohio.  Maybe you are a landlord with problem tenants.  Maybe your inherited a house from a family member or recently started taking care of your mom or dad who can no longer live alone and need to sell their house. Maybe your house is just dated. We remember when popcorn ceilings, polished brass light fixtures, pink bathroom tile, wood paneling, green carpet were popular. We too question ourselves as what we (or the generation before us) were thinking when decorating. Most people don’t have the time or energy to update their house, or the money to pay someone else to do it, which could be thousands of dollars. By the time you get up early to fed the kids breakfast, take them to school, go to work, or take care of your aging parent who recently moved in with you, and try to find something for dinner for everyone, you are exhausted! And rightfully so. The last thing most people want to do after a long day is try to fix up their house when you just want to go to bed.  Wouldn't it be easier to sell your current house and get a new one?  But what if no one buys my house?  That's were we come in.  We can buy your fixer-upper house quick, and sometimes for CASH!

Have we convinced you to contact us yet?  We hope so! Call 513-601-9876.  If not, keep reading!


Or you might have the time/money/energy to update your house. But then there are meetings with inspectors and things you didn’t even know were wrong need to be fixed. And you need to have your house clean  for strangers (or nosy neighbors) to come see your house on a short notice. And finding somewhere to take the family during that time. Then it could take months (or years) for your house to sell, if it sells at all. If it does sell, the real estate agent normally takes 6% off the top, and then you might have to pay closing costs, which are normally a few thousand.


Long story short, selling a house when you have a busy life can be a headache or even a nightmare.

This is where we come in and help YOU!  We want to buy your Cincinnati or Dayton home!


Whether you house is a huge mansion, a tiny ranch, in a great area, or in a less than desirable area, we want you to Sell Your House Fast to Us. Whether you live in Miamisburg, Springboro, Indian Hill, Hyde Park, Piqua, Troy, or anywhere in between, we can help! We will buy your house and help you get out of your headache of a property!

By now you must be thinking, “I’m interested but how do I start this process?  What is involved?”

Our process is simple

  • You fill out our short online form to the right, or Call 513-601-9876 so we can get some information about your home.
  •  Jordan or Sarah (the owners) will personally give you a call and set up a time so we can meet you to look at your house.
  •  Jordan or Sarah (yes again the owners) will personally come out to your home to assess your house, answer any questions you might have, and give you a no obligation offer.
  • When you choose to accept our offer, we can close quickly, sometimes within 7 days or on a later date of your choice of you wish, and you get your CA$H.

It’s really that simple! No repairs, No waiting, No fees (we pay closing costs), No painting, No cleaning, and more importantly, No headache for you.

Recap: You have an hideous house in the greater Cincinnati or Dayton area you need to sell. You fill out our form on the right or  Call 513-601-9876. We then contact you, come see your house and make you an offer for your house, sometimes CASH. We close usually in about a week or on a date of your choice.

If you have any questions, want more information, or want to chat to see for yourself that we are real people, Call 513-601-9876. Notice we have a local phone number because we only work in the greater Cincinnati and Dayton area. (And yes fellow people of Dayton we support the 937 area code, even if our number is based out of Cincinnati).


Need us to buy your hideous house As-is? 

Give Us A Call Now At: Call 513-601-9876

Situations Where We Can Help

We Live and Breathe Real Estate
Family Changes?

Going though a divorce? We can help! Taking care of an elderly family member or parent who can no longer live alone? We can help! Inherit a house from a long lost relative? We can help! Having another child and need to move because your house is too small? We can help! Children all moved out and ready to downsize? We can help! Call us 513-601-9876!

Can't Make The Bills?

Sometimes the money coming in is not as much as the money going out. Sometimes people lose their jobs. Sometimes investments don't pan out. Sometimes people just can't make the bills. You are not the only one in the world that can't make the bills on your house. If you need to get out of your too expensive house we can help! Call us 513-601-9876!

Can't Afford The Realtor Fees?

Brokers usually charge 6% of the total price of the house or property!  That means on just a $100,000 selling price, you will pay the realtor $6,000, just to sell the property that they don't own!  Call us and we may be able to save you money. Call us 513-601-9876!

Just Want To Sell My Ugly House In Cincinnati?

Are you just wanting to sell my ugly house in Cincinnati? Is it just sitting there getting uglier every time you look at it? Costing you more money everyday?  You know you need to get rid of it, but you don't think anyone will every buy it? Call us 513-601-9876  We want to buy it!

Sell My Hideous House in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio Fast! Big, Hideous, Small, or Pretty, We Buy Them All!

Life is hectic and selling a home is hard work. The real estate market is not as good as it once was and it is extremely stressful, time consuming, and expensive to sell your house. We want to help you to sell your house fast, as-is! We don’t care how hideous your house is, we want to buy it.

Whether you live in Beavercreek, Kenwood, Norwood, Centerville, or Kettering or anywhere in between in the greater Dayton and Cincinnati area, we can help!


Meet Us

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jordan small
Jordan Schoner - OwnerLand Realty

I have been in real estate since 2013. My family has been in it for over 20 years, so you could say its in my blood. I love real estate and I love helping out people. This is the best job I can think of. I look forward to working with new clients.

I am a real estate agent with OwnerLand Realty but do not want to be your real estate agent. I want to buy your property!

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Sarah Tobias
Close Second in Command

This is my wife, and love of my life. Without her, nothing could happen. She is definitely the pretty one in Blind Cheddar.